• Switzerland_2013_25
  • Switzerland_2013_19
  • Vatican_City_Italy_2013_05
  • IMG_3979

    birthday flowers

    It’s my birthday today :) why not share these flowers from Madeira? (Loftus Lens, DC Film)

  • IMG_3871A

    rock graphics

    (Foxy Lens, DC Film)

  • IMG_3454

    branches of winter

    Walking in the forest near our apartment. Oh Switzerland… (Foxy Lens, DC Film)

  • Shanghai3

    I live in apt Shanghai 8729

    (Jane Lens, DC Film)

  • LA_8

    Bar sign? check

    Making signs for Laura’s wedding. (Jane Lens, DC Film)

  • Poster_flat_small

    Lampad-r Catalogue v1

    For our 2011 Expo, the Lampad-r art collective decided to prepare and sell 40 one-of-a-kind catalogues, in support of the collective. Each artist prepared 40 individual items and each catalogue had its own unique art. I prepared 40 mini collages, photographed them and made this poster. The poster + one original collage piece were included […]

  • DSC_0631

    Printer’s Drawer Project

    Here are a few photos of my latest big art project. I found a few of these antique drawers that used to house letters at a printing press. They remind me of shadow boxes (which I have always loved). Sam gave me the idea to put my papers “on display” in the boxes and the […]