• Eating Animals

    I bought this book in December 2010 and it it took me months to work up the courage to read it. Why? For the same reason the most common response I got when people saw what I was reading was, “why would you read such a thing? I prefer to not know the details.”

    The sad reality is, we cannot afford to not know the details. While you may not want to know everything,  at the very least get out there and find out where your meat is coming from. And from one carnivore to another, enjoy your meat, but please eat less of it. Our planet cannot sustain a rising global population that eats meat on a daily basis (let alone meat with every meal!). Recommended reading. Youmie thinks so too.

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  • The Story of Stuff

    Annie Leonard: now here is a woman who is doing great stuff. I first found out about her “Story of Stuff” video a few years ago, and I loved it. Since I can, I’m sharing the video here, it is worth every minute!

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  • The Mind of the Guru

    Conversations with Spiritual Masters, by Rajiv Mehrotra –>

    My work on The Anandwan Project led to a splurge of books containing anything about or by Baba Amte, and this book was the first to make it on my reading list.

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  • The Closing of the American Mind

    By Allan Bloom

    This book has been on my reading list since Seminar, a once-required course for freshman at Franklin College. The book felt dated, but Bloom makes some interesting points about the liberalization of education in America. He also has an entire (albeit short) chapter dedicated to the books and their important role in our development. Five stars on that chapter! Otherwise, I hate to say it, but there’s no way you’ll get through this book if you are simply reading for pleasure… would love to read an updated version (lots has changed since the early 80s!!!).

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  • Atlas Shrugged

    I read this book for the second time this year and (even though I hate to admit it) I loved it as much as ever. Some people will dismiss me altogether for even saying that… I think that if people IRL had as high of ethical standards as they do herein, perhaps our modern-day Capitalism would be something quite remarkable (and different). In any case, I enjoy this book: it’s long and daunting, but as with most great books in this reader’s opinion, totally worth it!

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  • Youmie meets Bud

    Last night Youmie encountered a dog for the first time. Don’t worry, no one got hurt…

  • Must Have

    The Hidden Instincts Behind Everything We Buy, by Geoffrey Miller –>

    This book took some serious commitment to get through from start to finish. That said, I really enjoyed it and felt like I learned a lot in reading. I found daily inspiration and enjoyed questioning my actions/reactions as a consumer… the most important lesson: Continue Reading

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  • Hello world!

    I am finally online… yes!

  • In a Sunburned Country

    In a Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson –>

    This was the Bryson book that started it all. I was going to be in Sydney for Christmas, and stopped over in Perth to visit an old friend. She lent me this book, a beginners guide to Australia if I may so myself. Just try ordering a coffee over there without speaking local lingo! I loved Bryson’s style and burst out laughing on multiple occasions. I highly recommend this book for any Bryson fans, anyone looking to know more about Australia, and anyone looking for a funny, lighthearted book in general.

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