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  • Christmas crafts! by PhotoJoJo

    Update July 12 2012: Finally uploading a couple shots of the ones I made. Yes, I know it’s July (and who’s thinking about Christmas in July??? Me, that’s who) but better late than never right? ;)



    I absolutely LOVE and thought I would share this great DIY project they just posted for making your own Christmas tree ornaments. They use old photos, but any kind of paper would work. Easy, fun and I bet, very pretty on the tree. I’m going to have to try and convince my housemates to have a craft day very soon…

  • (Infographic) How bikes can save us

    A great infographic mapping out some of biking’s benefits. Let’s get to it!

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  • (Infographic) Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice

    Interesting infographic from Thought I would share:

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  • An update

    Feeling so inspired today. Went to two expos : one in a paper workshop and one that combined designer furniture and jewelry with wine tasting. It was great. I’ve made a new friend, was able to spend time with my parents, discovered an entire new way to work with paper, and met some increible artists! Feeling stoked on that.

    I made some progress on the Lampad-r website… hoping to have something worthy of presentation by Thursday when we have our next meeting. I think I’ll get there ! Another plus.

    I’m also aware that it’s been a long time since I posted anything… far too long in fact. To confess, I’m hoping to have this posting regularly thing down for 2012, for now I’m just playing around. Hope to share some photos from Hong Kong, on here soon (once I get checked off my list that is). Will do my best to keep you posted.

    These burning logs act light the path of the Christmas market in Auvernier, CH. Not only are they perfect for warming up your hands, they are also beautiful up close…

  • Youmie meets Bud

    Last night Youmie encountered a dog for the first time. Don’t worry, no one got hurt…

  • Berlin slideshow



  • Hello world!

    I am finally online… yes!